How to Shave Your Bikini Area

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6 Tips for Bikini Line Hair Removal

Shaving is a great option for getting the hair along your delicate bikini area completely smooth. But you have to do it right in order to pull off a truly great shave. For the majority of people, shaving is a great bet for the bikini line. Because the skin around the bikini area is so delicate, shaving will usually result in fewer ingrown hairs and red bumps than waxing. You'll know shaving is a good option for you if your bikini line is presentable after you shave.

People with thick, coarse hair might see waxing as a better option. For thick hair, the results from shaving are never as smooth and clean as a waxed bikini line. For women with thick, coarse hair, the best hair removal methods for the bikini area are waxing, the Brazilian wax, laser or pulsed light.

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Ask Yourself How Much You Should Shave

How much, exactly, that you shave off is absolutely a personal preference. Some people choose what to do with their bikini area based on their partner's preference, but of course not everyone should do that. Do what feels right to you. Some people want a really clean line for a bathing suit. Others still want a full bush. Many peopleВ want to go almost bare, or fully bare like with a Brazilian wax. If you want to remove it all fully, you can do so with a razor, but nothing beats the comprehensiveness of a wax, especially right before a beach vacation.

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Make Sure You Have the Right Razor and Cream

There are basically two rules when it comes to shaving your bikini line: you need a good razor with fresh(ish) blades, and you want a great shaving cream or gel. This is not the time to use a disposable razor or your partner'sВ razor. We recommend getting a good razor with several blades (Billie has wonderful ones for cheap.) The Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle RazorВ is great for those who want to keep some hair, because it includes a razor and trimmer in one. When it comes to lathering up, soap works, but only some soaps. You should be using a shaving cream or gel that won't disturb the balance of your nether regions. One that's often recommended is Cremo.

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The Importance of Trimming

Before you do anything, you're going to want to trim your bush if you haven't ever shaved or waxed down there. If you have, skip this step.

For your trim, we recommend using an electric hair clipper, the sort guys use to trim-not shave-their heads and beards. Use your partner's or buy your own. They even make clippers for lady parts. The Panasonic Bikini Trimmer and ShaverВ is a great, budget-friendlyВ option. It only stands at about an inch wide, so you can get any area you want.

Trim to the length you would like. You can also use scissors and a comb, but be smart about it; use eyebrow scissors, not kitchen scissors. Protect your delicate bits by combing your pubic hair, holding the comb in place against your skin, and shaving or clipping the hair that sticks out of the comb.

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Take a Shower or Bath Before You Shave

Even if it's one of those days where your friends are about to show up in 5 minutes and you're going to be late for the beach, never dryВ shave. You have toВ first soften up the area in the bath or shower, or you're in for a world of hurt. Your bikini line will be a rash of red bumps if youВ shave without showering first.

You need the hot water and soap to soften the hair, skin and the cuticle. While in the shower, soap up the area very good. You can even add hair conditioner to the pubic area to soften it up even more. Rinse off.

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How to Actually Shave Your Bikini Line

You've trimmed, showered and are ready to start the actual shave. Here's what to avoid nicks and bumps, you should:

  1. Situate yourself so you have a good view of your bikini area. You can prop a leg up on the side of the shower. Apply shaving cream to the area you will shave.В
  2. Hold the skin taut and shave in the direction the hair grows, but don't press down hard or you risk pulling at your skin.
  3. Rinse away the cream, see how much you have left, and apply more shaving cream. This time shave against the hair growth. Try not to go over the area more than twice.
  4. Rinse the blade after each stroke. Too much hair will clog the razor, which messes up the job.
  5. Pat the area dry. Moisturizer isn't recommended in the bikini area, but if you do need one, opt for one made for the pubic area.